:globe_with_meridians: A simple public IP address API using nothing but NGINX. https://allonsip.sh/
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:globe_with_meridians: Allons-ip!

A simple public IP address API using nothing but NGINX.

Uptime Robot ratio (30 days) Maintenance Project License


Allons-ip! is a simple and completely free API service that anyone can use to get their public IP address. It uses nothing but NGINX to server requests, which makes it insane fast and reliable.

The API returns all data in plain text — or JSON —, without any advertisements or extra data. It runs on a dedicated AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper 2950X server in Germany, a country with has some of the best laws in the world to protect your right to privacy, has full disk encryption enabled and a no logging policy.

Why? Because why not. We needed to get the public IP address of servers we deploy programmatically, and wanted to have control over how that was done, so Allons-ip! was born.

Since we did not want to reinvent the wheel and NGINX is so damn powerful, there was no need for anything other than pure NGINX.


No secrets here, just call the URL for the API and it should return the IP address of the machine you used to make the call.

Clear Text: curl -s https://api.allonsip.sh/

JSON: curl -s https://api.allonsip.sh/json/


What is up with the name?

It is a combination of me sucking at French and the usual love for Doctor Who that everyone in this company shares. Plus a dad level pun.

Read more on this.

Can I add checks against this API on my scripts?

My dear chap, absolutely! That is why we made this public in the first place, so others can use it.

What about my privacy?

Nothing is ever logged, and there is no data to be sold here, period. Heck, we don’t even have an easy way to check if this service is being used or not.

Is the API reliable? Is it monitored?

Sure it is! We also promise that we’re monitoring Allons-ip! 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If there is a global service interruption, we’re on it.

:point_right: Check out our system status.


See GitGit Issues: https://gitgit.dev/madponydotco/allonsip.sh/issues



  • NGINX - Simply the best web server there is
  • StudioPress - Makers of the Genesis Framework, which is used as the base for our website
  • elementary OS - Color scheme and general awesomeness